Bettina Iantorno

Trilingual Communication Services

Hello and welcome!

My name is Bettina Iantorno and I am an American of Italian and Spanish heritage born and raised in San Francisco, California. As a young child, I was exposed to the Italian language and culture by almost yearly family vacations and extended stays from my father’s side with my relatives in Calabria, Italy. I was introduced to the Spanish language also as a child on my mother’s side with frequent visits to Spain and Mexico.

I began my study in Italian as a child and continued with Italian and Spanish in high school. My studies have included the Universita’ per Stranieri in Siena, Italy, an Undergraduate Degree as an Italian language major and Theatre minor from Arizona State University and a Master’s Degree in the Interdisciplinary Arts from San Francisco State University.

I received the Bank of America Award for excellence in foreign language and was a two-time scholarship recipient in Italian.

I have lived in Italy during different periods of my life and in Madrid and the Canary Islands, Spain for over 12 years.

I began my career as a language coach in English, Italian and Spanish with my own business and teaching method entitled Learning a Language in Social Settings in Madrid, Spain from 2003 to 2013 coaching individuals, businesses, consulates and the US and Dutch military. I am also a medical interpreter in English, Italian and Spanish for hospitals and clinics both in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have also interpreted medically in Madrid and Fuerteventura (Canary Islands), Spain.

I love my work coaching individuals and businesses in languages and communication because of the valuable service I am able to provide helping people communicate, and the enriching experience of meeting individuals from all walks of life.

When I am not in Europe, I enjoy water sports like swimming and paddle boarding as well as biking and hiking in the beautiful hills of Marin County, California where I live.

My Resume and Curriculum Vitae are available upon request