Are language barriers holding you back from success in your job or business?

I help individuals and businesses increase their communication skills in English, Spanish and Italian. My services include accent reduction and improved diction.

I primarily focus on Italian and Spanish speaking clients who need to improve their English accent and communication skills in the United States and global marketplace. My goal is to help my clients communicate better so they can improve their careers and represent their companies well.

For native English speaking clients who work with Spanish and Italian speaking businesses, I help to improve their accents and diction in Spanish and Italian.

Whether you are preparing yourself for a special event in which English, Spanish or Italian is needed, or to improve your accent so you can feel confident in any situation, I can help.


Since your language or communication needs are for business purposes, I can help you prepare for conferences, projects or presentations. I assist you during all stages of preparation, from improving your ability in your chosen language to the final stage of presentation. I also coach you on invaluable social graces, such as accent improvement, diction and non-verbal communication skills that are essential for successful public appearances.

Accent Reduction

Are you interested in improving your accent in English, Spanish or Italian? According to your needs and goals, I help you achieve the results you desire in an enjoyable and relaxed manner. I listen to you closely and tailor the learning environment to your particular needs. Individual class size is limited to a maximum of two people. Larger accent reduction group classes are available upon request.

Coaching Sessions

I am able to come to your office if you work in the San Francisco Bay Area or meet with you over video conferencing. For intensive sessions in which travel is necessary, I am available to coach you over a period of a few days or a week.

Contact Information

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